What do I mean about Nuts & Bolts?

I have learned over my 15 year career as a professional photographer, not only is it great to create awesome imagery, but it is equally important to exercise great business practice to protect your clients by having contracts to enhance the client/photographer relationship. Rather you chose me as your photographer or not, always make sure that the photographer’s contract states the date and time of the event, details of the service, the expected deliver date of your images, the model release, copyright protection, substitute photographer, refund policy and late and no show policy just to name a few.


All images & video displayed on this website are the © COPYRIGHT of Reggie Dandy Photography. None of the images or video contained or displayed on this website can be used without written permission from Reggie Dandy Photography. For any inquiries related to license or misuse of these images please direct them through the email address on the contact page. 


Our time is valuable, and so is yours. If you’re late for an appointment, we will have to cut time from your shoot. This maybe styling time or time with the photographer. We cannot allow tardiness to affect our other clients and their experience. If you forget and miss your shoot, we have a non refundable session fee policy. In turn, we promise to honor our appointments and be on time.


Once you purchase and receive digital images, there is a no exchange and no refund policy.


Please note, A contract should be utilized with every client your studio elects to serve.  A good contract is the backbone on which a good photographer/client relationship rests. It should expressly state the duties and obligations of each party to the contract, outlining the expectations of both parties.